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Credit Builders

Easy and seamless credit building tools for you!

When establishing your credit profile choosing the best credit card and or services for you depends on your goals and lifestyle. That’s why the experts at Johnson Expert Credit & Tax Services have compiled a list of Beginner cards, Best card offer, rent reporting and more.

Explore our picks from our partners and find the best credit building offers for you.

Credit Reports and Scores

View your latest Credit Scores from All 3 Bureaus.

Credit Cards to Rebuild Credit

Want To Rebuild Your Credit? Responsible Card Use May Help With That—Find an Offer Today!

Secured Credit Cards

Think of it like a security deposit you'd put down on an apartment. The bank protects itself, while still letting you build up your credit history. It's a win-win situation.

Good, Bad, Low, or Excellent Credit Navigator

Use or Navigator Tool to find the perfect card for you. Whether you have Good, Bad, Fair, or Excellent credit let us help you access the card for your needs.

Credit Cards with Rewards Programs

Rewards credit cards are one of the few payment methods that let you earn some bang for your buck, generally in the form of points, miles or cash back. They’re a good fit for people who pay their balances in full each month; otherwise, you’ll lose the rewards to interest.

Gas Credit Cards

It makes sense to consider a gas credit card if you commute to work or regularly drive long distances – especially if you always get gas from the same gas-station chain. If you’re looking to save on your everyday spending, a gas credit card might be a worthwhile choice! Earn points that can be used for more than just gas costs. They’re also helpful for those who have trouble getting approved for a traditional credit card. That means you can build credit even as you’re earning rewards!

Best Student Credit Cards

The basic building block of a solid financial future—credit—can be hard to place. With smaller credit limits and rewards tailored to those in college, student credit cards can provide a bridge to more valuable credit offers in the future.

Best Credit Cards

Our Experts Have Done The Work For You! Easily Browse Our Best Credit Cards. Compare based on category, credit score, rewards type, signup bonus, and more.

Best Cards for Balance Transfer

A balance transfer is when you transfer outstanding debt from one credit card to another to get a cheaper interest rate and greater features!

Business Credit Cards & Loans

Business credit cards help small-business owners make the most of their day-to-day expenses. Aside from earning valuable rewards such as airline miles and cash back, the best business credit cards come with a range of benefits that allow you to organize your business finances better. These include low intro APRs, expense tracking and other business-related perks.
Rent reporting is the process of reporting verified rent payments to credit bureaus to build credit history and increase credit scores. Because rent payments aren’t automatically reported and tenants cannot report rent payments themselves, third-party services are required.