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What is a Tradeline? And how does it work?

A Tradeline is a Credit Line or an account that is on your credit report. For example, any of your credit cards are considered Tradelines on your credit report. Your car note is a Tradeline. Your mortgage is a Tradeline. A student loan reporting to your credit report is a Tradeline. The type of Tradelines that we provide is Seasoned Authorized User Tradelines, with low utilization (under 15%) and perfect Payment History.

We do this by LEGALLY adding you as an authorized user to a Tradeline; allowing you to “piggyback” off of the account in good standing. This is possible because creditors will provide credit bureaus the entire account history on any given Tradeline for an authorized user. FICO® factor this newly added credit account and recalculates your score, giving you a Major Boost to your credit score!

The Process

1. Schedule consultation/shop for tradelines with a tradeline expert

Book Consultation Appt

2. Complete/sign order form

3. Submit payment by invoice or choose one of the bundled deals below

4. Receive confirmation

5. If you’ve agreed to a secondary package aside from the bundles below please click here to process the payment in your agreement.

Bundle Tradelines Deals


  • 1 Tradeline
  • Average age of at least 1-2 years
  • Total limit of at least $15,000


History Builder
  • 2 Tradelines
  • Average age of at least 3+ years
  • Save $200 off Personal Credit Program Enrollment*


Limit Builder
  • 3 Tradelines
  • Average age of at least 5+ years
  • Save $200 off Personal Credit Program Enrollment*


Have It All
  • 3 Tradelines
  • Average age of at least 9+ years
  • Save $200 off Personal Credit Program Enrollment*

SAVE $200 on Personal Credit program when you purchase a tradeline package!

A $200 coupon code is issued to you to enroll in our Expert Credit Plan program after purchase of the History Builder, Limit Builder and Have It All tradeline packages. $38 is due first month, then $99 per month thereafter until you cancel your subscription.

Start Now Pay Later!

Tradelines Financing is available with a minimum request of $1000. Taking advantage of this financing opportunity adds a positive Primary Tradeline to your credit profile!


Credit history is a record of your ability to repay debts and demonstrated responsibility in repaying them.
Your credit report includes information about the number and types of your credit accounts, how long each account has been open, amounts owed, amount of available credit used, whether bills were paid on time, and the number of recent credit inquiries.
You will reap rewards for having a good credit history, such as being offered lower interest rates on mortgage loans and car insurance.
Credit restoration is for your report and building is for your score in which they work hand and hand for the success of one's future financial goals.


What Are Authorized User Tradelines?
Is someone that is “authorized” to be placed on a credit account. When you become an Authorized User on someone’s Credit Card account, you agree to adopt the future and past credit history of the account.
What are Primary Tradelines?
A primary tradeline is an account that is created by you, under your name. A good example of a primary tradeline would be an auto loan you are making payments on each month. The auto installment loan in “your” name is the primary line. Most primary tradeline sellers are not legit. Those that are legit are most likely buying debt that once belonged to someone else, charging a crazy upfront cost, and is now handing the gift to you so that you can continue to payments. If you need a list of solid primary lines that can be easily approved for, send us an email and we would be more than happy to provide it to you.
How Long Do Your Tradelines Reports?
Most lines report for 60 active days, unless stated otherwise. Some bundles and certain tradelines will report for 30 days active. If you are happy with the line you are currently on, you can submit a request to extend at least 1 week before the next billing cycle.
What Happens After the Authorized User Is Removed?
After a tradeline is “terminated’ or “closed”, it will still have a large, positive effect on your credit history and scores. Most tradelines will stay on your reports forever, or at the very least for many years. Tradeline Genie LLC cannot guarantee the exact amount of time they will show on your credit reports.
Is It Legal/Immoral To Buy Tradelines?

While it is 100% legal, it can be deemed dishonest by creditors and lenders. One-third of Americans are already using other people’s credit to improve their scores. While they typically do so by becoming authorized users on friends’ and family members’ accounts, is that really different than using a third party’s credit history? Many would argue “no.” Bottom line, it comes down to what “YOU” the buyer believes is moral. Before I started this company I would always wonder how the Porn Industry or Payday lenders thrive and remain legal. Young girls devaluing themselves in front of a camera for fame and fortune. Then you have these predatory payday companies that attracts people in bad situations by offering them a small loan with a ridiculous fee. Before you know it, you become caught in a cycle where you never have enough to pay off the loan.

I Not a lot of people under stand or even know what “buying” authorized tradelines are so there will always be the opinions of those who are uncertain. The only reason we continue to overcome the challenges of running a high risk business like this, is because we’ve believe that it works with proven results. We’ve witnessed hundreds and thousands of GOOD people with bad credit turn their lives around. There are so many more pros than cons. The rewards outweigh the benefits bottom line.

How Much Of An Impact Will A Tradeline Have On My Score?
Everybody’s credit profile is unique. Some people have a great score, but high utilization. Others have many negative items and inquiries. Then there are those that barely have anything,not even a score. To see a great difference in your scores will be depend on the History and the limits of the card. Obviously a 1993 Capital one 21K will have a stronger impact than a 2012 $500 limit capital one. Now if we add them to your credit profile and compare the reports with 50 other people. More than likely, people will have different boost in points. Due to many factors in one’s credit profile it is hard to determine an exact number, but if you would like to have a credit specialist take a look and educate you with what they believe would be the most beneficial, shoot us an email today!
What Are The Benefits From Adding Our Tradelines?

You adopt the full credit history, even if it is 10+ years of history, so see if Grandma and Grandpa have a Credit Card they can add you to.

The Credit Card will NOT have past late payments. Our cardholders must maintain balances below 10%. We provide advice for those who are unsure of what they want. WE ARE INCOMPARABLE when it comes to our RATES and Quality of Service.

We are AFFORDABLE. There is nothing worst than being in the hole and having to spend thousands of dollars

What’s The Difference Between Address-tied Vs SSN-tied Tradelines?

Address-tied tradelines; requires the buyer to update their address to match the card’s statement address in order for the tradeline to properly report. These credit cards only request the name and dob of the authorized user being added so updating the address is the key to get the lines to show. If the address is not updated, the tradeline may not report at all.

SSN-tied tradelines- The buyer provides their name,dob, and ssn when making a purchase. This information is requested from these credit companies when adding authorized users. The authorized user does not need to make any changes to their credit reports. The tradeline will post within the given time frame.

Do Authorized User Tradelines Report To All Three Credit Bureaus?
Most tradelines usually post to three (experian,equifax,and transunion) major bureaus no later than 14 calendar days after the specified reporting date. There are times that the tradelines report to only two bureaus. That is normal.